RUE... ♡

or titli/astra !! 15 indian bengali hindu lesbian unlabeled gender they/fae/fai/cloud prns

likes ♡ ażalea ♡ desi culture shuhua crds my friends singing cooking baking math mehendi

hates plain milk boiled eggs white people cishets ddgc blood frogs super sweet food

. Before You Follow . main/priv. i mainly interact w my friends and tweet abt my life + gidle & bts. no tonetags and/or double spacing w me. i dislike bp & nct but idm if you stan. dont ask to unf over kpop. tl over dms (gcs r ok).
. Don't Follow If . younger than 14, older than 19. get mad at kys/kms jokes. mainly a bg stan. anti gidle or bts. gore nsfw ed acc. speak over desis. white and or cishet. you stan omg suju kwj.

. ults of ults . gidle shuhua soojin bts jungkook
. ults . izone wonyo minju loona chuu hyejoo bvndit seungeun
. semiults . itzy yuna ryujin txt beomgyu rv joy twice sana solo rosé
. working on . chebul gwsn wjsn favorite woo!ah weeekly